About Me

I am a graduate of the Massage Therapy (AOS) program at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. Massage has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I am also enrolled as a full time Lit major at CUNY.

Yes, I really did always want to be a massage therapist! Well, mostly. I always knew that I wanted to somehow help people, to serve. While in massage school I worked as a nanny and I truly loved it. Childcare is still a part of my life, but I wanted something a bit more comprehensive with growth potential, as a career.

For me, massage therapy is about more than relaxation and pain management. It’s about the positive impact on the entire mind and body that healthy touch can have. Each massage I give is catered to the client and their specific needs.

I have worked in medical offices, numerous spas, as well as corporate and academic chair massage. My skillset is varied and ever expanding.

My primary focus in my career has been with therapeutic massage and chiropractic. I am a firm believer in the benefits of chiropractic and when combined with massage, have had the privilege of seeing excellent results in both myself, and my clients.

However, just because a massage is therapeutic, doesn’t mean it can’t also be relaxing. I’ve added a lot of information here about different types of massage and the impact they can have. I strive for all of my sessions to be relaxing AND effective!

Previous employment has included multiple spas in Astoria, Queens, NYC and several different chiropractic wellness offices in Manhattan.

I am a professional member of the AMTA and NYS Licensed but am not currently operating a private practice at this time.